Life Is For Everyone, Inc. [L.I.F.E.] is Supporting Safer Communities with a structured after-school program in East Salinas. Structured study programs are based on each student’s needs as communicated by their teacher or counselor (especially for ‘at-risk’ students).  Each day students receive healthy snacks upon arrival. L.I.F.E. provides academic support through daily tutoring, math lab twice a week, and additional lessons in vocabulary, reading, science, and social skills.

Life Is For Everyone’s mission is to provide free educational, life and social skills for 45–50 East Salinas elementary and middle school students in a safe, supervised after school environment.

LIFE program is one spotlighted in Stories from Salinas showcasing programs working to inspire and empower Salinas youth.





This is the place where I stopped being shy and started to be more outgoing. --Bryan J (Former student).

I like coming to the program because it is cool, fun and they teach me new things --Francisco M (Current student).


Life after school program has helped me greatly in my academic career. At the program I learned how to speak, read and write in English. The program also helped me understand various subjects as well with homework assignment.. --Isabel M (Former student).